Starfield only singleplayer game among the 10 most played titles of 2023

It was also the only new game series on the chart.

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Newzoo recently published an interesting report on the status of the video game industry for 2023, which contained lots of interesting facts based on data collected from a total of 37 markets. One thing that really stood out, was the slide on the ten most played titles according to the parameter Monthly Average Users.

Of all the ten games, nine of them were multiplayer titles (either versus or co-op), which of course clearly helps to explain why all publishers are now actively working on focusing on live service. It simply seems to be what we gamers prefer to spend our time and money with. It's also worth noting that the average age of these multiplayer games is seven years, so it seems to be hard to compete with newer efforts.

The only game that was singleplayer out of the top ten most played titles in 2023 was Starfield (which was also the only new franchise on the list). The number one game on the list was Fortnite, followed by Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Roblox.

Are you surprised by the multiplayer domination, or is it in line with what you expected?


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