Starfield is going to end the year with a Mostly Negative review rating

PC players have not been kind to Bethesda's sci-fi RPG.

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It's safe to say gamers have been divided on Starfield. We were very impressed by it in our review, but it seems that on a wider scale, audiences have found plenty of issues. People have been waiting 8 years for this game, and so there were bound to be lofty expectations.

Now, it seems that one of the most-hyped releases for 2023 will end the year on a Mostly Negative rating on Steam. This is regarding recent reviews, as the game has an overall Mixed rating, but it's still not a good look.

Can Starfield turn this around? Well, the jury is out on that topic. Sure, the upcoming DLC and updates could make the game feel more alive, but a lot of the problems players have lie in the game's design, and Bethesda RPG mechanics and staples that just don't hit like they used to.


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