Starfield is getting quality-of-life enhancements with new update

Bethesda's space RPG continues to be improved.

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Bethesda continues to work on its space RPG Starfield and has now released an update with several requested improvements, including that it no longer costs a digipick to select "Undo" when trying to pick security locks.

Another thing people have complained about is that it was previously not possible to open doors or harvest materials when the scanner was turned on, which has now been fixed. Photo Mode has also received some more features and the game autosaves a bit more often. Check out the full list of everything new in Update 1.10.31 below:

  • PHOTOMODE: Added the ability to set Expressions and Poses on player and companions in Photomode.

  • SCANNER: You can now open doors and harvest with the scanner opened.

  • Setting course on an inactive quest will now make it the active quest.

  • Added support for adjusting FOV when using 3rd Person Ship view.

  • Added an Anisotropic filtering quality slider (PC).

  • Removed the digipick cost for using Undo during the Security mini-game.

  • Added an autosave when fast travelling from a planet's surface to orbit.

  • Updated the Ship UI to perform more smoothly at higher framerates.


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