Starfield increases Xbox sales on Amazon by over 1,000%

And it reached 245,183 concurrent players on Steam despite the fact that it hasn't been officially released yet.

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While there's a lot of talk about Starfield right now with seemingly tons of people already exploring Bethesda's new galaxy - it's technically not officially released yet. This happens on September 6, and the people heading a head-start are those who opted for a deluxe edition.

But with this being said, it seems like Starfield has already given Xbox Series S/X a nice sales boost. As noted by PeterOvo5 on X, the console Xbox Series X has increased its sales with a pretty spectacular 1,056% on Amazon. To be fair, that massive percentage means it probably was from fairly low levels, but there is no denying the game has given a boost in interest for Xbox.

SteamDB also reveals a total number of concurrent players of 245,183 and that is almost shockingly good as Game Pass isn't included in Steam numbers and it only consists of people playing the more expensive deluxe editions. We assume this will grow even further on the official release of the standard edition on Wednesday.

To learn more about the game, check out our review over here.


Thanks GamingBolt.

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