Starfield has now surpassed 12 million players

Bethesda's latest effort continues to thrive.

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It was only recently that we were told that Starfield has surpassed the 11 million player milestone, and it was only back in mid-September, shortly after launch that the title managed to top the mega 10 million player mark. Well, now we can add that Bethesda Game Studios' latest effort has surpassed the 12 million player milestone.

As revealed by Microsoft Gaming boss Phil Spencer at a panel during CCXP in Brazil over the weekend, the Xbox executive stated, "Starfield has now had over 12 million players since the launch of Starfield and it still sits in our top 10 most played games from our studios. So thank you everybody for all the support on Starfield and making it a tremendous hit."

Despite pretty decent player numbers, Starfield has struggled so far to earn nominations and awards at the various awards ceremonies that are hosted this time of the year and onwards. Do you think Starfield should be celebrated more in an awards sense?


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