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Starfield gives a quick overview of Bethesda's new universe in trailer

Who would have thought we'd get four trailers from the Skyrim developers' highly-anticipated game in two months?

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Bethesda Game Studios suddenly decided to share three short videos detailing three of the areas we'll get to visit in Starfield two months ago. A lot of fun for those of us who want to learn everything about the highly-anticipated title and have analysed every detail the in-game E3 trailer, but where exactly will we be? The latest video gives us the very short answer.

Members of Starfield's so-called Constellation program have received a new video where the game's design director, Emil Pagliarulo, shows off some cool concept art while he tells us a tiny bit about where the game takes place, the two main factions that must take most of the blame for the unrest in this universe and gives a really short elevator-pitch about our role in it.


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