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Starfield details limitations and improvements in new video

The game's fuel system will limit how far you can go early on, but the quests will be deeper and more varied than Skyrim and Fallout 4.

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Bethesda and Xbox have only shown Starfield three times on big stages, so I can understand that many of you still have plenty of questions about the highly anticipated game. Fortunately, the developers are starting to answer more and more of them. Expect to get even more answers moving forward.

That's because those of us who are a part of Starfield's Constellation program has gotten the first in a series of Q&A-like videos where game director Todd Howard answers many lingering questions about the project. This one doesn't just seemingly deny the previous claims about Starfield will have close to four times the amount of dialogue lines as Fallout 4 by stating it has approximately two and a half times as many with its 252,953+ right now. It also reveals that they abandoned the idea of having a realistic fuel system for our spaceships and have instead ended up with a version that limits how far we can travel in one go. Sprinkle in deeper and more diverse quests and being able to remove negative traits by completing certain quests or activities and improvements to the persuasion system and it's safe to say Starfield still sounds like the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim-developers' most ambitious game yet.


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