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Stardew Valley gets a lot of fixes for the huge 1.4 update

We also get some new content as well, like the fact that Vincent now loves snails, which is certainly something.

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Stardew Valley players got a big update last week with 1.4, suitably called the 'Everything Update', including a ton of new content across the board (which you can check out here), and now developer ConcernedApe has revealed a whole bunch of fixes.

With such a big update there were bound to be some issues, and this new patch for PC platforms addresses some of the bugs found since 1.4 launched. Beware though, as the patch notes in the link above contain minor spoilers.

Alongside the copious bug fixes there are new features too, like a Gamepad Mode selection in the options menu, with default (Auto) switching between keyboard and mouse controls depending on what was last used. 'Force On', however, forces it to use gamepad logic, while 'Force Off' disables the gamepad.

On top of that, you can now purchase museum rarecrows from the night market after you've unlocked them; some non-spouse NPCs now have custom movie ticket acceptance dialogue; and explosive ammo now costs 300g each. Oh, and Vincent now loves snails, apparently.

Have you tried the 1.4 content?

Stardew Valley

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