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Payday 3

Starbreeze provides an update on the Payday movie

"So we're currently investigating it. But from the looks of it, the community wants to see it happen."

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During the recent Gamescom Opening Night Live show, Starbreeze released a live-action trailer for Payday 3, which showed the Payday gang getting up their usual tricks. As we had the chance to play Payday 3 and talk with Starbreeze's global brand director, Almir Listo, during our time in Germany, we decided to ask the really important question: when is the Payday movie coming out?

Listo told us: "Yeah, so we released a five-minute live-action trailer that we recorded earlier in the spring. It was a super fun job for us to do. The team had a lot of fun in making that happen. And it's an homage, really, to Payday 2, right? We were doing this 10 years ago, and it was a couple years ago we did the last one."

Listo continued, "And it all ties together with the fact that we, earlier in the year, announced as a studio, right? Starbreeze Entertainment announced that we are looking into doing a movie or a TV show together with a company called Stockholm Syndrome. So we're currently investigating it. But from the looks of it, the community wants to see it happen. We'll do our best to make sure, you know, in whatever shape or form it will happen, it'll be as good as it possibly can be."

While it doesn't seem like the Payday film is close, it is still on Starbreeze's radar, so hopefully it won't be too long until we hear more about the project.

Ahead of Payday 3 launching on PC and consoles on September 21, 2023, be sure to check out the full interview with Listo below for more information on the game, how Starbreeze expects Game Pass to catapult it to new heights, and what it was like working with Ice-T.


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