Payday: The Heist

Starbreeze acquires Overkill

Swedish developers merge.

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Publicly traded Starbreeze Studios have announced plans to acquire fellow Swedish developers Overkill Software it was announced this morning. The news comes as something of a surprise as Starbreeze Studios recently cut staff following the completion of their most recent project - Syndicate.

The deal which sees Starbreeze Studios issuing more shares in order to pay for Overkill Software is still pending an approval from the Starbreeze shareholders.

Starbreeze Studios are currently working on two projects that are publicly known. P13, a co-operation with Swedish film director Josef Fares, and the free-to-play Cold Mercury.

Meanwhile, Overkill Software released their first game in October last year, digital robber sim, Payday: The Heist on Steam and PSN. The game has sold 400,000 copies, and currently the studio is working on DLC and a sequel to the game.

As Overkill owns the Payday IP Starbreeze would be the new owners of that along with the Overkill technological platform.

An interesting side note, is that Starbreeze Studios CEO Mikael Nermark used to work with the founders of Overkill, Bo and Ulf Andersson, at GRIN before that studio closed down in 2009.

Payday: The Heist

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