Star Wars: Visions (Disney+)

Star Wars: Visions - Volume 2

This collection of short stories is the perfect way to celebrate Star Wars Day.

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I won't lie, Volume 1 of Star Wars: Visions didn't really do a whole lot for me. I really appreciated that Disney and Lucasfilm were being less controlling with the Star Wars brand and allowing unique and smaller stories to tell their own tales and flourish. But I've never been a massive anime fan and didn't connect with the show all too well because of it. But this is precisely why I have been really, really looking forward to Volume 2 of the show because the core concept remains the same except now a whole collection of unique and wonderful animation studios from across the globe, each with their own animation style, have been tapped to create nine truly different stories.


From the stop-motion legends at Aardman, to the team at El Guiri Studio who excel with colour, all the way to Studio Mir who are ensuring that anime isn't left untouched, this season of the show is a fantastic example of what Star Wars can and should be. Each episode is enthralling and incredibly well thought out, with captivating and fun narratives, all on top of being animated in such a way that it makes you wish these studios would be allowed to realise their stories in a full feature length format.

Considering Star Wars has for a long time had a problem that we call Tatooine, which admittedly has been used less as of late, Star Wars: Visions - Volume 2 gives me faith again in this wonderful universe, and provides a few glimpses into the vistas and environments that could be explored down the line. From picturesque hand drawn mountainscapes, to 3D animated industrial complexes as is found in Punkrobot's emotional short, you won't be able to take your eyes off screen during any of the episodes.

The episodes are also wonderfully diverse, with some exploring the brutality of the Empire and the Sith, while others instead give an upbeat and silly outing that is impossible to watch without having a massive grin plastered across your face. While I do hold a special place in my heart for Aardman, I'm not being bias in saying that their short, I Am Your Mother, is one of the most charming and fun Star Wars tales I've experienced in a long time - oh, and the fact that it brings back the legend that is Wedge Antilles just works in its favour.

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It doesn't matter what part of the Star Wars universe you enjoy the most, there is something here for you in this Volume, all alongside being a perfect way to discover a new animation style that will absolutely captivate you.

Star Wars: Visions (Disney+)Star Wars: Visions (Disney+)Star Wars: Visions (Disney+)

While Volume 1 was a great showing of what Star Wars can be, this is the vision I always had for Star Wars: Visions. Seeing these talented and incredible animation studios putting their own truly unique spin on A Galaxy Far, Far Away is a joy to behold, and one that fans of all kinds of animation will enjoy. Disney and Lucasfilm know that anime is a massively popular art style these days, and they haven't ignored that here, just expanded their reach to include even more animation styles, and what we get in the end is a diverse and wonderful take on the sci-fi universe that has captivated viewers for over 40 years. What a perfect way to celebrate Star Wars Day.

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