Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons seems to have sold 1.1 million copies digitally

This reportedly puts it ahead of Star Wars: Battlefront II's launch.

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Star Wars: Squadrons was something of a rare bird when it was announced, as it was an AAA game from EA based on a popular franchise, sold at a reduced price with no additional DLC and no microtransactions. But fortunately, the game was really good, got great grades and seems to have sold really well.

Superdata has as usual, used all its wizardry to measure digital sales and according to them, Star Wars: Squadrons sold 1.1 million digital copies in October. It writes that this is "putting it ahead of the launch of Star Wars: Battlefront II (1.0M) and behind Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2.9M)."

Unfortunately, there likely won't be any sequels as EA Motive has already confirmed that it is working on something else. At least we're getting some new content for free, as despite initial plans to not do any post-launch support, the success for Star Wars: Squadrons has made EA and EA Motive rethink this to some extent. It has also gotten some pretty major upgrades for Xbox Series S/X, something we have reported about previously.

Star Wars: Squadrons

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