Star Wars: Squadrons, FM 2021 and other sports titles join Xbox Game Pass

While The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will be removed in twelve days.

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Five days ago, EA announced that Madden NFL 21, NHL 21 and Star Wars: Squadrons would become a part of EA Play by early April, which also means they'll be joining Xbox Game Pass. Those aren't the only ones, however, as two other sports titles will be included as well.

Microsoft hasn't just reminded us that Madden NFL 21 joined the console version of Xbox Game Pass yesterday, but also revealed that Football Manager 2021 will become a part of the service on both console and PC tomorrow.

NBA 2K21 will also be included tomorrow, but that's just on console and the cloud. The rest of the month remains somewhat mysterious in terms of new addition, as we're still not told exactly when Star Wars: Squadrons and NHL 21 will come, so stay tuned for more about those.

What we do know about upcoming changes is that the following games will be removed from Xbox Game Pass on March 15:

At least two of these are very good, so grab them while you can.

Star Wars: Squadrons, FM 2021 and other sports titles join Xbox Game Pass

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