Arma III

Star Wars AT-AT recreated in Arma III mod

Do we really need Star Wars: Battlefront?

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EA's Star Wars: Battlefront is coming out later this year, but one thing you won't be able to do is take direct control of AT-ATs. They still exist in the game, but move on rails. This has raised a bit of a critique among fans.

Meanwhile a modder named McRuppertle has posted a video on Youtube showing of a glimpse of a mod he was working on last year. In the video you can see a hulking AT-AT shooting lasers and taken down by a kamikaze attack by a fighter jet.

The modder is no longer working on his project, but the viewers now urge him in the comments to complete it. After all, who wouldn't enjoy huge tactical open world battles with Star Wars characters and vehicles?

Arma III

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