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Star Trek Online goes F2P

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Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced that popular MMO Star Trek Online is, as of today, adopting a free-to-play model.

Additional content will still be available to buy from the virtual store, though many of the features available in the game will now be free.

Players take the side of either the Federation or the Klingon Empire, before taking to the stars for a mixture of space missions and ground excursions. Players can even use the extensive facilities available to write their own missions to share with the community.

"We couldn't be more excited," said Jack Emmert, CEO, Cryptic Studios "Updating Star Trek Online to the popular free-to-play model removes those barriers of entry that previously kept fans and casual gamers away. Anyone can download and play Star Trek Online at no cost. There's no better way to see how sitting in the captain's chair feels."

To download the game click here.

Star Trek Online

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