Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online expansion revealed

Legacy of Romulus coming in May.

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The first expansion for Star Trek Online has been announced by Cryptic Studios, with the new content set to be available on May 21. According to the studio you'll be able to play as either a Romulan or a Reman, and pilot a Warbird Class starship.

Here's the details direct from the horse's mouth, plus a handful of screens that were released today:

Romulus and Remus are gone. You are one of the survivors, struggling to survive in the aftermath of unspeakable destruction.

These are dark and dangerous times for your people, as the Tal Shiar crack down on any dissent and mysterious beings unleash terror throughout the far-flung colony worlds.

You will be the one to reshape an empire. Gather allies, go undercover and find the proof that will rally your people to revolt.

Together, you will rise up against an oppressive regime and demand freedom. You will fight for your people.

You are the Legacy of Romulus.

Star Trek Online
Star Trek OnlineStar Trek OnlineStar Trek Online
Star Trek Online
Star Trek Online
Star Trek OnlineStar Trek OnlineStar Trek Online

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