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Star Renegades

Star Renegades is like "a Rogue One simulator"

Tactical roguelike RPG with elements of FTL, Xcom, and Darkest Dungeon.

We stumbled upon a game called Star Renegades in the Indie Arena booth at Gamescom and had a chat with Massive Damage co-founder Garry Seto about what he describes as a "tactical roguelike RPG".

"Basically it's a tactical roguelike RPG with a little bit of strategy elements, turn-based combat, and set in an endless rebellion universe where you're always against an evil regime", says Seto. "Kind of like a Rogue One simulator."

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The plan is to launch an Early Access version on PC early next year and to launch fully and "on all consoles" later on.

Star Renegades

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