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Star Citizen

Star Citizen raises more than all Kickstarter games combined

Cloud Imperium Games' title has received a lot of money.

According to a new report from Polygon, Star Citizen has raised more money than all the games on Kickstarter combined for the second year in a row, raking in over twice as much as all Kickstarter titles.

The long-awaited game managed to raise $34.91 million USD in 2017 (as you can see on this infographic) which is slightly less than they raised in 2016, when they hit $36.11 million. 'Regular' successful Kickstarters for video games raised a total of $17.25 million in 2017, down from around $17.6 million in 2016, and that's for all of them.

Star Citizen has managed to raise all this money, despite hordes of backers demanding their money back, constant delays, and being sued by Crytek for breach of contract, but how much money will it take to complete the game?

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