Star Citizen funding passes 48 million dollars
Star Citizen

Star Citizen funding passes 48 million dollars

Only 2 million to go until the next massive milestone.

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Chris Roberts' epic Star Citizen has now accumulated a whopping 48 million dollars in funding from eager fans and investors. Roberts has responded by adding a 50 million stretch goal.

If the game reaches this frankly ludicrous milestone, Roberts promises 'actual' alien languages for the game:

Alien Languages - Do you speak Banu? We will work with real-world linguists to create distinctive and realistic alien languages for Star Citizen's three biggest alien races, the Vanduul, the Xi'An and the Banu. No universal translators, no garbled animal noises: Star Citizen's aliens will be speaking their own authentic languages!

How much crowd funding can one game attract?

Star Citizen

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