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Star Citizen

Star Citizen developer raises an additional $17.25 million

Thanks to additional contributions from existing investors, Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has raised an additional $17.25 million.

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Cloud Imperium Games has seen great success in raising funds for the development of its space simulation project Star Citizen since its crowdfunding campaign's start back in 2012. To be exact, the project has managed to raise a whopping $275,457,397 through crowdfunding efforts alone in the close-to eight-year-long funding campaign. In total, taking investor sums into account as well, the project's budget has almost reached $340,000,000.

This number was recently added to through a $17.25 million investment from existing investors Calder Family Office, Snoot Entertainment and ITG Investment as the trio "exercised a one-time option to purchase further shares in the company".

Cloud Imperium Games states that no changes were made to the board composition as a result of the transaction and that Chris Roberts maintains full control of the board and group.

Star Citizen

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