Standalone Kinect could cost around 150 Euros

Rough pricing estimate by Microsoft European representative.

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Conversations with a Microsoft representative in Europe have suggested how much the standalone Xbox One Kinect unit will retail for, as Portugal's Director of Retail Business André Cardoso stated local buyers should see it for "150 Euros - though we're still awaiting confirmation [on that price]."

We were talking to Cardoso at a Microsoft presentation in Lisbon last week, as part of the company's unveiling of the Xbox One in the build up to September's launch of the console in other territories.

While we're still unable to get an confirmation from Microsoft's UK representatives as to expected pricing over here, that estimated European RRP could likely work out the same rough price in GBP, putting the Xbox One version of the motion and voice sensor at a slightly higher cost than its Xbox 360 predecessor.

The news that Xbox One SKUs would release this year without a Kinect bundled came, according to Cardoso, via direct feedback from players. "We heard the fans and they wanted a Kinectless Xbox with a reduced price," he stated.

While the split has seen an increase in interest of cheaper Kinect-less Xbox Ones, Cardoso followed up by stating "if people want to take enjoy Xbox One to its fullest, they should have Kinect on" (though developers now are seeing a performance boost on the console if Kinect isn't factored into the equation).

Xbox One is coming to several "second tier" countries on September 5th, costing €499 with Kinect and €399 without the sensor. Given the cost difference if you buy both separately, if you're considering picking up one anyway, it may be worth doing it as a bundle anyway, if this unconfirmed price turns out to be accurate.

Standalone Kinect could cost around 150 Euros

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