Stallone: People used to be tougher

The Rocky and Rambo actor talks about a piece of movie memorabilia he has saved for a specific reason.

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Last month, we reported that actor Michael J. Fox believes that it took more talent to become a famous actor and made no secret of the fact that he thinks people had more skin in the game and more guts in the 80s. Among other things, he said that "we were different. We were tougher. We didn't have social media, we didn't have any of that crap."

One person who seems to agree with Fox is actor-turned-legend Sylvester Stallone. In his latest Instagram post, he shows off the Reyes boxing gloves he used on the set of Rocky while explaining that they are not even legal today, as they are simply too dangerous and even lethal.

So why has he kept them? Well, Stallone thinks they serve as a reminder of an era when people were not as sensitive, saying:

"So I still have them because it's a time when people were tougher. Sorry, they were."

Predictably, this has led to a heated debate in his comments section, with some people arguing that the star has no right to speak out because he is rich. In fairness, however, many remind us that Stallone grew up poor and lived on the streets for many years, and that he actually had to work hard to get where he is today.

What do you think, is Stallone (and Fox) right, were people tougher back then?

Stallone: People used to be tougher

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