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Stadia will shut down in January

Google will be issuing refunds to anyone who bought games for the service.

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Google Stadia has been a rather conflicted platform ever since it was released. Due to poor support from Google itself, the cloud-streaming system never really got off the ground, and quite frankly it has felt as though every time we've talked about Stadia since that day, it has been in some negative way, be it studios being shut down, or something similar.

Now Google has decided that enough is enough with Stadia, and has decided to pull the plug on the platform. As stated in a blog post, we're told that Google Stadia will be winding down its services over the coming months, with the intent for the final day that users can access their library and play games through the system to be January 18, 2023.

Google has said that it will be offering refunds to those who have purchased games and items through the platform, with the aim of having these completed by mid-January.

This decision does not mean that Google is done with gaming, however, as the company did state, "We remain deeply committed to gaming, and we will continue to invest in new tools, technologies and platforms that power the success of developers, industry partners, cloud customers and creators."

While also adding that the Stadia tech itself has its uses and likely future: "The underlying technology platform that powers Stadia has been proven at scale and transcends gaming. We see clear opportunities to apply this technology across other parts of Google like YouTube, Google Play, and our Augmented Reality (AR) efforts — as well as make it available to our industry partners, which aligns with where we see the future of gaming headed."

As for what this means for Stadia employees, the post noted that many members of the team will be assigned to other projects in Google going forward.

Stadia will shut down in January

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