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Stadia owners can change their gamertags at any time

Players will have the option to change their gamertags on stadia at any time, the first one being free of charge.

We've talked about the changes that Microsoft's Xbox team recently made regarding so-called gamertags, where players who had long been stuck with names like CloudyRhino 0553 and JovialTrash4335 (the latter having put one of our writers in personal turmoil) would be able to change these display names to any gamertag. The catch for this was the fact that Xbox would put a suffix next to the chosen name, resembling how suffixes are used on Steam or Discord.

In an interview with PCGamesN, Patrick Seybold (head of comms, Stadia) explained that Stadia will follow that suffix line, letting players choose any name. Seybold also noted that the first change will be free of charge, which tells us that any additional changes will cost players some cash to make.

What do you think of this solution?

Stadia owners can change their gamertags at any time

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