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Squirrel and Bear: Europe

Squirrel and Bear: Europe shows "cultural diversity of Europe"

Lead developer Barbara von Hunnius talked to us about the educational game, showing languages, cities, and more.

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Squirrel and Bear: Europe is a game that's trying to educate us, and the Good Evil's lead developer Barbara von Hunnius explained the concept in a bit more detail during Gamescom, including the premise that sees you venture across the continent.

"It's a game where you explore the cultural diversity of Europe," she told us. "You're exploring all the different cities, you learn about the language, the culture, what food do they eat, what do the places look like."

This all revolves around tracking down your friend badger, who has been sending you pictures of these places, and this follows on from the first game, which was "just released in German, and you learned English". This game, however, is about more than just language.

Will you use this as a learning tool?

Squirrel and Bear: Europe

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