Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Square Enix wants to make real Deus Ex-like bionic hands

Partnering up with Open Bionics to make "affordable bionic hands".

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Are you missing a hand? Not satisfied with the current offerings of bionic prosthetics? And do you love Deus Ex? Then there's good news!

Deus Ex publisher Square Enix are teaming up with Open Bionics to bring "affordabler bionic hands" to everyone. Or to those missing a limb, at least.

The team-up is aiming to "design, 3D print, scan, power, and create affordable bionic hands" in order to "make fashionable robotic prosthesis accessible to a larger audience", writes Gaming Bolt. Square Enix claims that the idea came about because people kept contacting them about the prosthetic limbs shown in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided marketing material, thinking the augmentations were real. They weren't, but the ones Open Bionics are making are.

The plan is to launch the Deus Ex-inspired bionic hands in 2017.

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