Bravely Second: End Layer

Square Enix teases new Bravely announcement

Could Bravely Third be on its way?

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Today marks the fourth anniversary for the Bravely JRPG series that debuted October 11th, 2012. The first game was Bravely Default: Flying Fairy for Nintendo 3DS which has been followed by four other games, most recently Bravely Second: End Layer from February this year.

Since then it's been mostly silent about the future for the series, but now there been a sign of life. The official Twitter account for the series posted the picture below and wrote (translated by Gematsu): "It's Bravely's four-year anniversary! We apologize as news has been scant recently. There may be something soon....!?"

We're hoping this means Bravely Third will be announced sooner rather than later. Perhaps the Nintendo NX reveal that is expected shortly might have something to do with it?

Bravely Second: End Layer

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