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Square Enix snags Sony's spot in this year's E3 schedule

With the PlayStation team refraining from their usual E3 press event, Square Enix has filled the void left in their absence.

This year's E3 is going to feel a little strange what with Sony taking a step back from their usual level of commitment. Normally Team PlayStation takes to the stage after Microsoft does its thing, but this year that's not happening. However, the show must go on, and it's Square Enix that is looking to fill the gap in the schedule left by Sony.

Long story short, Square Enix has taken Sony's usual late-night slot (if you're watching in Europe, at least) and will host its own event at 6 pm PT / 2 am BST on June 10/11. While it won't be a press event in the same vein as the one Phil Spencer and his Xbox team will host, we should still get a few announcements as part of a livestreamed event (much like SE did last year, in fact).

By taking up such a prominent slot in the E3 calendar we can only speculate that Square Enix has something good up its proverbial sleeve. Maybe this year we'll get a proper look at Final Fantasy VII Remake, which was pretty much MIA last June. Other than that, might we see more of Crystal Dynamics' Avengers game? We'll find out in a couple of months...

Square Enix snags Sony's spot in this year's E3 schedule

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