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Square Enix set to release several major titles this year

The Japanese publisher expects to earn a lot of money from October through December. Are we allowed to hope for Final Fantasy VII Remake and Crystal Dynamic's Avengers game?

Let's just repeat ourselves: financial conferences and earnings calls can actually be quite interesting for those of us looking for even the tiniest hints of new game announcements. Square Enix wasn't exactly as forthcoming as Electronic Arts was, but the Japanese company definitely has something up its sleeve this fall and winter.

They recently released their latest financial briefing and it states that the company expects to have an income of 40-50 billion yen in the third fiscal quarter (October - December). That's a lot higher than last year, so the investors obviously started asking questions about why. They got two interesting answers:

"I cannot go into any detail at the moment, but I believe we will be able to make various announcements in the lead-up to this year's E3.(...) We believe operating income of ¥40-50 billion will be attainable in FY2020/3 with the lineup we currently have planned, but we still see risk of deviating from our target depending on when we release new titles and on how our development efforts progress."

So, Square Enix plans to announce something big in the following months, and it's big enough to justify such high expectations? Sure, they're known for expecting too much from their games (something they've proved once again by also stating that both Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Just Cause 4 have delivered below expectations in the report), but they wouldn't give this estimate if they didn't have something up their sleeves. Both Left Alive and Oninaki are set to launch long before that window, so those aren't the ones. Then it's worth mentioning the two games that are on everyone's mind right now: how about Final Fantasy VII: Remake and Crystal Dynamic's Avengers game? FFVII's development had a rough start, but we keep hearing that it progressed much faster than anticipated last year. The first teaser we got from the Avengers project promised more news in 2018, so perhaps it will be ready for release late this year.

Unfortunately, they didn't exactly share anything really noteworthy, which could mean two things: the project ran into some trouble or they decided to save their marketing for a real push this year. There are also a few other possible releases, but Square Enix has also announced that they're cutting their internal development teams from 11 to 4, so that throws some of the options out the window.

What do you hope or expect to see from Square Enix this fall?

Square Enix set to release several major titles this year

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