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Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix revealed new info on Final Fantasy XVI's characters and world

Its official site is now up, with new intel, screens, and art.

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If you are curious about Final Fantasy XVI, then we have something that might help you satisfy that 'hunger'. Square Enix has now launched the game's official website, sharing new intel, screens, and art regarding the PS5 temporary exclusive (six months for PC, 12 months for other consoles).

We now know that the protagonist is Clive Rosfield, the firstborn of the Archduke of Rosaria, who everyone expected to be the next heir to the powerful Phoenix's flames. But that didn't happen, as the heir is in fact his younger brother, Joshua. Clive then decided to master the art of blade combat, but a tragedy at the hands of Ifrit, a powerful Black Eikon, sets him in the path of revenge.

Regarding the game world, FF XVI will take place in Valisthea, a land fed by powerful crystal mountains. The game will have a style closer to medieval fantasy, ditching most of FFX's modern touches. Also, Eikons are powerful beings that dwell within certain individuals known as Dominants, and they can essentially summon the Eikons at will. This makes them almost divine-like in some cases, but also very appealing as weapons of mass destruction.

So that's it, a small summary of what you can find in the official website. More info on Final Fantasy XVI will only be coming in 2021, according to Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XVI

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