Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

Square Enix responds to Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth's Moogle slander

The Japanese company stands by its redesigned creatures.

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One of the more peculiar bits of criticism that Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth has faced surrounds its Moogles, the magical teddy bear-like creatures that inhabit the fantasy world. In this game, Square Enix has redesigned Moogles and fans have flocked to social media to dub the new appearance as creepy and cursed, instead of being cute and adorable as they were previously. Now, Square Enix has responded to this slander.

Commenting on the Moogle controversy on X, Square Enix states, "We're addressing the discourse... We love all of our Moogles and will not stand for this, kupo!"

So there you have it. It's probably not the best to expect any form of redesign of this redesign now, as Square Enix does seem to be very happy with this era of Moogle appearance.

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

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