Chocobo GP

Square Enix pulls the plug on Chocobo GP after only nine months

Don't expect anything new from this kart racer.

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Chocobo GP was released back in March as a Switch exclusive kart racer, but was received with fairly negative reviews, and clearly the buyers weren't impressed either. After only nine months, Square Enix has now confirmed that they are pulling the plug on future updates for the title and writes:

"Thank you for playing "Chocobo GP". Season 5 will be the last season where prize pass levels are used in the Chocobo GP mode."

Starting now, they have also confirmed that "sales of Mythril on the Nintendo e-shop have been discontinued", which was the in-game currency. If you have bought Mythril, you have until January 6 to buy stuff before the store is forever removed and your money is gone.

Chocobo GP will be playable after this as well, but no new content will be produced and it won't get needed patches and balancing either, which usually means that the players will quickly abandon the game.

Will you miss Chocobo GP and what is you stance on publishers closing support on games after less than a year on the market?

Chocobo GP

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