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Square Enix Presents - What we expect/hope to happen

The big reveal from this presentation has been teased to be a new game from Eidos Montreal.

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With Square Enix having so many beloved properties under its belt, we can't wait to see just what it might bring to the table during its E3 showcase. Already we know that a new game from Tomb Raider developer Eidos Montreal will be premiering and it's likely that we will receive updates too from soon-to-be-released titles like Life is Strange: True Colours and Neo: The World Ends with You.

Square Enix Presents is set to take place on June 13 at 20:15 BST/ 21:15 CEST and we will be co-streaming the conference and offering our thoughts pre and post-show on our GR Live homepage. Below are our predictions, hopes and dreams for the event:

What we expect:

  • Marvel's Avengers' War for Wakanda DLC will be shown.

  • There will be a new game premiering from Eidos Montreal. Perhaps it could be a new adventure for Lara or even a new Deus Ex game?

  • Life is Strange: True Colours should be shown given that it's coming this September.

  • Babylon's Fall has been confirmed to be there.

What we hope for:

  • Another look at Neo: The World Ends with You, given that it launches in July.

  • We hope to see another trailer for Final Fantasy XVI, but we are unsure how likely this will be as we imagine Square would have shouted about this. Still, surprises could happen.

  • A remake of classic SNES or PS1-era RPG. Square seems to be pumping these out on a quarterly basis at this point.

  • New content for Outriders

  • A new trailer for Luminous Productions' Forespoken.

What we dream to see (but probably won't get):

  • We'd love to see more of Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake, but we are not sure if this is likely given how recently it was announced.

  • A sequel to the criminally overlooked World of Final Fantasy.

  • Release date for Final Fantasy VII: Remake Part II

Square Enix Presents - What we expect/hope to happen

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