Square Enix: Outriders is on track to be our next major franchise

And it has over 3.5 million unique players.

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Outriders was released on April 1 and received generally high grades, although it did have it's fair share of technical issues. But, it instantly sold well and was also included with Xbox Game Pass on day 1, and this has led to quite a lot of players. 3.5 million, actually.

This was revealed by the official Twitter account for the game, who also says the average playing time for all those players is a whopping 31 hours. We know quite the few here at the Gamereactor network who has mustered more than this, so we think it sounds about right.

The publisher Square Enix is of course thrilled with this quite amazing result for a brand new IP, developed by Polish People Can Fly, and co-head of studio at Square Enix External Studios Jon Brooke says:

"With over 3.5 million unique players, average play times of over 30 hours and extremely high engagement for co-operative play, we and the amazing team at People Can Fly are so excited with this initial success. Launching a new game IP is never easy and we remain very grateful for the community's support and feedback - we continue to listen carefully and want to assure everyone that we are committed to improving and enhancing the experience in the coming weeks and months. We also look forward to expanding on Outriders in the future."

Square Enix also adds that Outriders has "extremely high engagement" for co-op, and even goes as far as stating that it is on track to become "next major franchise" for the company.

Have you played Outriders yet and what did you think about it? You can check out our review over here if you wish to read more about it.


Thanks, Gamespot.

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