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Square Enix Luminous working on "New AAA Title for PS5"

Not to mention a new mobile game for China.

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Hajime Tabata's departure from Square Enix, leaving Final Fantasy XV incomplete as well as any other projects at Luminous Productions, was a surprise to say the least. The company was heavily hit, as was reflected in the last financial report, totalling a loss of almost 30 million euros. Chapters Aranea, Noctis, and Lunafreya were cancelled, but the team is looking at the future, even as far as the PlayStation 5.

From now on Luminous Productions will focus on "large-scale, high-quality AAA game titles, which best leverage strengths," one of which is is coming to the new hardware, according to the resume of Luminous 3D character model lead artist Tomohiro Tokoro, published on LinkedIn.

The last two lines are the most interesting though, as they talk about a "New AAA Title for PS5" and a "New mobile Title for China". Luminous 'first project was "The Birth of Humanity", a 4K CGI video for the NHK TV, so we're excited to see what the future holds.

Are you glad to see Luminous cracking on with these types of projects?

Square Enix Luminous working on "New AAA Title for PS5"

Thanks, ResetEra.

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