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Tomb Raider

Square Enix is giving away two Tomb Raider games for free

Fans of Lara Croft and her love of raiding tombs can now join her on two different adventures for free.

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As the coronavirus runs its course and wreaks havoc along the way, more and more people are deciding or being forced to stay at home to wait for the worst of it to pass. As such a large portion of the world of gamers is taking it easy at home at this time, many game developers and publishers are doing what they can to keep their fanbases happy and safe.

Square Enix is one of the mentioned parties and is now giving away the 2013 action adventure game Tomb Raider as well as Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris for PC for free through March 23. You can find both on the official site (Tomb Raider here and Temple of Osiris here) and both are discounted to $0 for all.

Tomb Raider

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