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Square Enix expands its reach into mobile gaming by opening a new studio

Square Enix London Mobile is the name.

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Square Enix has announced that it has opened a new UK-based studio that is dedicated to developing mobile titles. Square Enix London Mobile currently has two projects in the works and these are Tomb Raider Reloaded, an "action-packed" roguelike planned for 2022, and a yet-to-titled release based on Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Sharing the news within a blog post, Square Enix said: "As a new team formed at Square Enix's London HQ, we're going to be finding top independent development studios around the world to partner with in creating high-quality, free-to-play mobile games. We couldn't be happier with the first two projects we're working on; Tomb Raider Reloaded coming in 2022, and a new game set in the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Both games are in development, and we're looking forward to sharing more details soon."

If you're an aspiring game developer yourself, then you might be interested to hear that Square Enix London Mobile is recruiting for a number of roles. The studio is currently seeking a Technical Director and a post for a Creative Director will be going live soon. Both roles will be remote for the time being due to Covid-19, but then they will be based at Blackfriars Studio in London.

Square Enix expands its reach into mobile gaming by opening a new studio

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