Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

Square Enix created a real Queen's Blood set to test the Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth mini-game

Now can we get that mass produced? Please and thanks.

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Anyone who has been working through Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth ever since its arrival on February 29 will be well aware of the new card mini-game that was included in the title. Known as Queen's Blood, the game requires players to use cards of differing power and chess-like pawns to overcome an opponent by scoring more points than they do, and if that sounds complicated, don't fret! We have a guide to help you on your way to conquering the mode.

But how did Square Enix go about cooking up this mini-game and making sure it actually works in practice. As Kotaku reports, the development team actually 3D printed a full set of Queen's Blood to test the game in a physical space. It includes the castle-like backdrop, the chequered board, the various pawns and a few decks of cards, and even the two statues that stand on either side of the board itself.

Game director Naoki Hamaguchi said, "There was a lot of love for Queen's Blood among the development staff as well, and toward the end of development when the workload lightened for some members, they used a 3D printer to create an actual real-life board."

It was also noted by Hamaguchi that Queen's Blood wasn't just created by the mini-game team working on Rebirth, but was instead a collaborative effort between them and the levels team who helped add a narrative element to the game and how it fits into the world.

Now if you could just get to work mass producing that physical set, we'd be very grateful!

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

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