Square Enix announces abandonment losses of $141 million as it moves away from HD remasters

The Japanese publisher seems to have cancelled a slate of projects as part of this effort.

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It seems like Square Enix has begun to enact cost-cutting measures of its own. This isn't coming in the form of layoffs, at least not yet it seems, as the Japanese gaming titan has instead announced an adjustment to its development approach, one that seems to be moving away from HD remasters and remakes of existing titles, an effort that is seeing the company posting abandonment losses of $141 million.

This comes from a report about a meeting held in late March covered by Bloomberg (thanks, VGC), where it also mentioned that an organisational restructuring has been enacted, one where the company is looking to focus more on in-house development and less on work from external studios, all in an effort to increase profits and quality, as was mentioned earlier in the year, something that will be enforced with a new quality-assurance system that will enable Square Enix to determine whether a game will be successful at an earlier stage of development.

While there has been no specific mention of the cancellation of any games, this announcement and wording does seem to suggest that some projects have been canned or significantly adjusted to meet Square's new mindset.

Square Enix announces abandonment losses of 1 million as it moves away from HD remasters

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