Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Spyro to star in Crash Team Racing, Reignited hitting PC & Switch

Reignited Trilogy is heading to PC and Nintendo Switch, and the little purple dragon is landing in CTR as post-launch DLC.

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During this year's E3 we talked with Stephane Gravel and Andrew Petrie about the team's plans to support Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled post-launch with "new tracks, new characters, new customisation items as well."

This will be done via Grand Prix content, with the first new track called Twilight Tour and landing early next month. We asked the developers about the content and this is what Stephane Gravel had to say:

"The first Grand Prix is coming out July 3rd, so it's just around the corner [...] we're not talking exactly about specific dates for the following Grand Prixs, but there's going to be, we're announcing at least two other Grand Prixs - one that is called 'Back in Time' with Baby T as the main character, and a new track as well [...] called Prehistoric Playground. And after that, we're going to have another Grand Prix and it's going to be featuring a famous purple dragon."


Later on in the interview, we talked about the inclusion of Spyro, as well as discussing the recent announcement that Spyro: Reignited Trilogy would be heading to PC and Nintendo Switch.

"He's going to be joining the cast as a driver, so he's going to have his own skills. Each driver in Crash Team Racing has its own set of either speed, acceleration, or turnability, so he's going to have his own set of abilities. He's going to have his own car that will be inspired by the universe of Spyro," Gravel told us. Spyro will also be getting his own track, which, like the others before it, will be added to the game for free.

We also talked to the developers about the PC and Switch versions of Spyro, which are ports of the PS4/Xbox version of the game, and which are set to land on September 3.

"For all intents and purposes they're the same games, but we've optimised them to work as best as we can for each platform," Andrew Petrie explained. "So PC version is going to look absolutely stunning, and being able to play Spyro on the go is going to be super cool."

With regards to the performance on Switch, we were told that you'll have a "comparable experience" to the versions of the game on PS4 and Xbox. Apparently, it "runs really well, it looks great."


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