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Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy update adds improved subtitles

There are various options for the subtitles, as well as motion blur and other bug fixes for the remastered adventures.

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When Spyro: Reignited Trilogy launched last November publisher Activision said they would "evaluate" subtitles moving forward, providing the following statement:

"When Toys For Bob set out to make an awesome game collection, there were certain decisions that needed to be made throughout the process. The team remained committed to keep the integrity and legacy of Spyro that fans remembered intact. The game was built from the ground up using a new engine for the team (Unreal 4), and was localized in languages that had not previously been attempted by the studio. While there's no industry standard for subtitles, the studio and Activision care about the fans' experience especially with respect to accessibility for people with different abilities, and will evaluate going forward."

A new post on the Activision Support page has now revealed that subtitles have landed in all languages across all the games in the package, applying to previously unsupported cinematics, and there are a variety of options, as you can see in the patch notes below:


Added subtitles in all languages (across all three games) for previously unsupported cinematics, including:
Character headers to identify active speakers
Succinct line splits for readability
Colored text for improved character association in most languages
Subtitle on/off toggle added under the Options menu

Motion Blur

Added an option to toggle motion blur on/off under the Options → Camera menu

Bug Fixes

Fixed progression and completion bugs impacting Wizard Peak, Hurricos, Fracture Hills, Lost Fleet, Fireworks Factory, and Charmed Ridge
Fixed camera bugs in Sgt. Byrd's Base and Dino Mines
Stability improvement fix in Spider Town
Additional misc. bug-fixes and improvements impacting Glimmer and Ripto's Arena

Spyro was received rather well on his return, sitting atop the UK physical charts, and if you want to see what we thought about the package then make sure to check out our review.

Have you been waiting for subtitles?

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

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