Spotify for Xbox to be unveiled at Gamescom?

Long-running PS4 exclusive deal seems to come to an end.

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It's been leaked, so it's all but official now: Spotify is coming to the Xbox One family of consoles. A Reddit user caught Xbox rep Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb having "recently played" the music app on his Xbox system, which clearly means it's now being tested.

As pointed out by VG247, the app has been exclusive to PS4 users for two years now, after Sony struck a deal with the platform. However, it would appear that the deal has now lapsed.

After the first leak, proof of launch plans on Xbox One was also found at the Microsoft retail partner training portal, so official announcement a matter of time. And giving the timing and Xbox important presence in Cologne, it's a reasonable bet it will be revealed at Gamescom 2017.

Do you or would you use Spotify on your console?

Spotify for Xbox to be unveiled at Gamescom?

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