Real Cricket 20

Sports in Esports announces inaugural Ecricket World Series

It is set to be the first global ecricket event.

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Helping to catapult cricket into the world of esports, the Ecricket World Series has been announced by Sports in Esports (SIES) to be the first ecricket event to be held on a global scale. The event is set to commence August 1 and will be played exclusively on Real Cricket 20 - a popular mobile sim that launched earlier this year.

Chris Cockerell, CEO at Sports in Esports, said: "This is the first ever global ecricket competition and with this we have the perfect partners in Nautilus Mobile and EGL. As fans of sport it is important that cricket joins the gaming elite. As fans of cricket we have created a competition that will break all barriers for online sports gaming."

Do you think cricket has a bright future as an esport?

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Real Cricket 20
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