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Call of Duty: WWII

Splyce recruits Joshh to their Call of Duty roster

The ex-Splyce man rejoins the squad.

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While teams like Rise Nation and Team Kaliber have seen success in the Call of Duty: WWII competitive season, Splyce has not, and as a result they've revealed a change in their roster, with Joshua-Lee 'Joshh' Sheppard replacing Thomas 'Tommey' Trewren.

This isn't the first time Joshh has played for Splyce though, although now he's returning to the team after a brief spell with Red Reserve, with Splyce no doubt hoping for improved results both at live events like the Call of Duty World League Anaheim Open and the CWL Pro League as well.

Is Joshh a good addition to the team?

Call of Duty: WWII
Photo: Gfinity

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