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Splinter Cell VR

Splinter Cell VR cancelled by Ubisoft

At least we're getting the Splinter Cell remake eventually.

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Many of us have been dreaming about a new Splinter Cell for many, many years. So far, we've only got smaller cameos from Sam Fisher, but in 2020, Facebook and Ubisoft announced Splinter Cell VR for the Oculus VR platform.

While this most certainly wasn't what most of the fans had hoped for, beggars can't be choosers and there was still some hype surrounding the project. But unfortunately, it seems like we're pretty much back to nothing again, as Ubisoft has confirmed during tonight's quarterly fiscal report that Splinter Cell VR is officially cancelled, without any solid explanation others than financial causes.

While this is highly disappointing, it's worth remembering that Ubisoft is currently working on a remake of the original Splinter Cell as well, so it still seems like we will get our Sam Fisher fix eventually.

Splinter Cell VR

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