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Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 will get free post-launch content as well as "large scale paid DLC"

Nintendo shared a host of new information for the upcoming title.

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The Nintendo Splatoon 3-focussed Direct ended up being truly packed with new information about the soon-to-release title. As part of the broadcast, it was revealed that Splatoon 3 will have 12 stages at launch, as well as an array of new weapons and items, such as Splatanas like the Splatana Wiper, which features a charged slash, as well as items like the Tacticooler that allows you to stock up on paint, the Wavebreaker that destroys anyone standing on your paint in its vicinity, and the Reefslider, which seems best to be described as a rideable bomb.

Splatoon 3

Alongside this, Nintendo showed us the locker customisation suite, and how players will be able to decorate their own lockers with colours, stickers, weapons and more. And then, if that wasn't enough, a new card-based game mode will be available to check out, called Tableturf Battle, which pits two players against one another in a tabletop spinoff of the game mode Turf War. We're told that there will be 150 cards available to collect and that every player will get a Starter Deck to get their Tableturf journey on its way.

But that wasn't all the news that was dished out, as Nintendo also revealed that there will be three new Splatoon Amiibos available to purchase this winter, and that Splatoon 3 will be getting a rather hefty array of post-launch content.

This will come in two forms: free post-launch updates and also that of "large scale paid DLC". We're still lacking finer details for the latter and are told to "stay tuned", but for the former, we can look forward to new stages, new catalog and weapons every three months, plus the game modes X Battle and League Battle, which while not present at launch, will be coming soon after.

Splatoon 3Splatoon 3

Needless to say, there's a lot to look forward to when Splatoon 3 debuts on the Nintendo Switch on September 9. Check out the full Splatoon 3 Direct below.


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