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Spitlings "a modernised hardcore arcade classic"

We caught up with Milan Pingel at Gamescom.

When we looked at the lovely little indie game Spitlings at Gamescom earlier this week, Milan Pingel was on hand to give us an explanation as to what the game is, which sounds like a mix of a lot of different elements.

"Spitlings is a modernised hardcore arcade classic," he explained. "That means it's very easy to pick up. You only move with one stick and two buttons, and you play as these little squares and you have to hit all the bubbles in the level, so it's very basic gameplay inspired by the classic arcade games [...] and we've kind of modernised it. We added a lot of visual flair to it so that it would be immediately appealing to people, and so really anyone can try and step in and play it, even people who have never played a game before, but it is at the same time a very hardcore experience if you want to get to the end, through the campaign we've designed. You really have to put a lot of effort into it."

Does this sound like your cup of tea?

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