Spitfire Interactive on more Capes stories: "I'm full of additional things and strings to pull"

There are lots of other stories to tell in this superhero world and the Australian developer is just waiting for a chance to tell them.

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Capes has now debuted and given players the chance to dive into an original superhero world created by the Australian developer Spitfire Interactive. While the strategy game is still very fresh, if you're already wondering about whether there will be more stories and tales told in this universe, Spitfire has exactly the answer you're no doubt hoping for.

Speaking with us in an interview lead writer Morgan Jaffit stated: "Yeah, we'd love to do tons with it. I'm full of additional things that I think additional strings that we can pull on that whole chapters will come out of.

"And, you know, it's one of those things too, where it's fun to imagine a world where superpowers are, I won't say common, but are not unusual. You know, we know there's a lot of other supers out there. We know that they're kind of doing their own thing, and again, that's the sort of thing that makes, for example, Astro City a great read by Kurt Busiek. It's a way to look at the world through the lens of superheroes. And that's what Capes is. Capes is a way to look at the world through the lens of superheroes and a way to kind of explore some of that game space."

Check out the full interview with Spitfire Interactive below to learn about how the developer avoided and looked to overcome superhero fatigue, where the inspiration behind the story came from, and also how the team went about building the various superheroes in the game.


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