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Spirittea will be released this year, with Game Pass, PC and Nintendo Switch versions

The simulator that mixes Stardew Valley with Spirited Away confirms its release in its latest development diary.

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There are small projects in the indie games scene that, once you hear about them, it's impossible to get them out of your head. That happened to us when we first heard about Spirittea, a life simulator that mixed the statics and some systems of Stardew Valley with elements that seem straight out of Spirited Away, the award-winning Studio Ghibli film.

Although the first trailer showed that there was still a lot of work to be done (the game could not make it to launch in 2022), it seems that development has continued apace, and in fact Cheesemaster Games recently announced that the game will be released in early 2023 and that it will come to Game Pass and Nintendo Switch, in addition to its PC version on Steam. On that page it also appears that it has an interface and subtitles in several languages.

And while we wait to know more details about when it will arrive, No More Robots has published a new development diary where we can take a look at some of the changes and implementations they have introduced to the game. And if you want to enjoy Spirittea for yourself and discover its magic, there is a demo available on Steam.


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