Spiritfarer gets a first gameplay teaser

We finally get a taste of how Spiritfarer, the spiritual new title from Thunder Lotus Games, will play out.

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First announced back in June 2019, Spiritfarer was an instant interest for us; the stunning visuals and interesting game concept was something that really grabbed our attention.

In this first gameplay teaser, we get a chance to look at some of the gameplay mechanics that will be implemented in this side-scrolling resource management game. One interesting feature to note straight away is that of your furry feline companion who appears to accompany you on this journey. At the start of the trailer, you see the main character running through a field and then being aided by this cat in chopping down a giant tree, with what appears to be a magical glowing handsaw.

Throughout the rest of the trailer, we get to see typical cave exploring, adventuring, and world interactions. The more interesting parts of the game appear to come whilst aboard the ship with the dead, and the way you interact with each passenger onboard looks to bring a new and interesting experience. Some need feeding, some need a hug, and some just need a hair cut.

Back at E3 2019, we got a chance to play an earlier build of the game and we can't wait for another chance to jump in and take control of the ferry master once again. In the meantime, feel free to check out our hands-on preview of the game and see if you are as excited as we are for this game.


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